Douglas Reeves

Professor of Computer Science
Associate Dean of Graduate and International Programs, College of Engineering

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Office hours and Availability

I do not have regular office hours; just contact me (email, phone) for an appointment.


I am not teaching a course during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Contact Information

Email: reeves "at" ncsu "dot" edu

Office on Centennial Campus (Department of Computer Science):
Room 2258, EB II
Phone 919-515-2044

Office on Main Campus (College of Engineering):
Room 213A, Page Hall
Phone 919-515-7089

Mail address:
N.C. State University
Campus Box 8206
Department of Computer Science
Raleigh, NC 27695-8206

Room 3322, EB II
890 Oval Drive
N.C. State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

Parking passes and directions are available at the Varsity Drive entrance to the Centennial Campus. Detailed directions to NC State may be found here .

Prospective Advisees

Sorry, but I don't recruit or offer financial aid to students who are not yet enrolled at NC State. For more answers to frequently asked questions, see the "FAQ for Graduate Students".

Recent News and Activities

In Fall 2017, enrollment in COE is 1169 PhD students and 1989 Masters students. Welcome all new students!

We have received a grant of $235,000 from NSA for a project entitled ``An Innovative Curriculum for Cybersecurity Education''.

Agreements with a number of international institutions are in progress or are completed: Universidad del Norte, Chungnam University, Hanyang University, Shanghai-Jiaotong Joint Institute, Northern China Electric Power University, Lasalle University, and University of Adelaide.

The submission ``T-Chain: A General Incentive Scheme for Cooperative Computing'', authored by Shin, Kyuyong; Joe-Wong, Carlee; Ha, Sangtae; Yi, Yung; Rhee, Injong; Reeves, Douglas, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.

The paper ``Arav: monitoring a cloud's virtual routers'' by M. Bushouse, S. Ahn, and D. Reeves appeared in the Proc. of 12th Annual Conference on Cyber and Information Security Research (CSIRC '17).

I have recently participated in proposal reviewing for a federal funding agency.

I was part of the search committee for a security faculty position in Computer Science. Welcome Dr. Brad Reaves!

I co-chaired the search committee for a faculty position in Digital Forensics.

The College expects to offer substantial new benefits to graduate students, due to the COE Enhancement Fee. Stay tuned!

In Spring 2017 I taught CSC574 (Introduction to Security).

Tae Hyun Kim joined my research group as a PhD student in Computer Science.

Sanghyun Ahn joined my research group as a PhD student in Computer Science.

Dr. Adwait Nadkarni defended his thesis in winter 2017. Congratulations, Adwait!

Akash Verma defended his masters thesis in Fall 2016. Congratulations, Akash!

In Fall 2016 I taught CSC774 (Network Security).

In spring 2016 I traveled to Chemnitz Germany to represent the College of Engineering at AC21.

I am a member of the Program Committee of the Intl. Conf. on Distributed Computing Systems, 2016.

In Spring 2016 Micah Bushouse passed his Written Prelim exam; congratulations, Micah!

In Spring 2016 the following paper was accepted: Micah Bushouse and D.S. Reeves, "Goalkeeper: Corruption-Based Application Whitelisting", in Proc. of Cybersecurity Symposium.

Older news may be found here...


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