Research Students

Research Students


Student offices for the Cybersecurity Lab are located in rooms 3-240, 3-233, and 3-234 of building EB II.

Current Advisees

Past Advisees

The following advisees have graduated. Electronic versions of their theses, on file with the N.C. State libraries, are linked where available.


Jung Ki So, 2012, "Defending Against Malicious Behaviors in BitTorrent Systems" [LIB]
Juan Du, 2011, "Service Integrity Assurance in Large-Scale Cloud Systems"
Young Hee Park, 2010, "Network and Host Based Countermeasures against Large-scale Networked Compromised Systems or Malicious Software" [LIB]
Kyuyong Shin, 2009, "Preventing Misbehavior in Cooperative Distributed Systems" [LIB]
Qinghua Zhang, 2008, "Polymorphic and Metamorphic Malware Detection" [LIB]
Fang Feng, 2007, "Mobile Movement Patterns and Applications in Wireless Networks" [LIB]
Pan Wang, 2007, "Securing Communication in Dynamic Network Environments" [LIB]
Xinyuan Wang, 2004, "Tracing Intruders behind Stepping Stones" [LIB]
Kehang Wu, 2004, "Flow Aggregation based Lagrangian Relaxation with Applications to Capacity Planning of IP Networks with Multiple Classes of Service" [LIB]
Errin Fulp, 1999 [PDF]
Mike Izquierdo, 1998 [PDF]
Gavin Cato, 1996 [PDF][PS]
Hussein Salama, 1996 [PDF]
Sanjeev Rampal, 1995 [PDF]
Caglan Aras, 1992


Chaitanya Kulkarni, 2011, "Design and Development of a Smartphone-Based Fall Detection and Alerts Generation System" [LIB]
Vikram Mulukutla, 2010, "Wolfsting: Extending Online Dynamic Malware Analysis Systems by Engaging Malware" [LIB]
Steve McKinney, 2008, "Insider Threat: User Identification via Process Profiling" [PDF, LIB]
T.J. O'Connor, 2008, "Bluetooth Intrusion Detection" [PDF LIB]
Young June Pyun, 2004, "A Super-Peer Topology for Scalable P2P Systems" [LIB]
Ranjana Rao, 2004 [PDF] [LIB]
Qinghua Zhang, 2004 [PDF] [LIB]
Mithun Acharya, 2003 [PDF] [LIB]
Prashant Murthy, 2003 [PDF] [LIB]
Krithiga Thangavelu, 2003 [PDF] [LIB]
Prashant Gupta, 2002 [PDF] [LIB]
Nipul Shah, 2002 [PDF] [LIB]
Khurram Khan, 2002 [PDF] [LIB]
Akshay Adhikari, 2002 [PDF] [LIB]
Vinay Mahadik, 2002 [PDF] [LIB]
Haining Wang, 1998 [PS]
Sean Alexandre, 1994 [PS]
Somnath Viswanath, 1992 [PS]
April Pennisi, 1991